Our Services

At Pacific Ocean Sports, we provide a variety of services including: Regulator and SCUBA Equipment Maintenance, Repairs, Air Tanks Refills, Visualization and Hydro, Customized Spearguns

Our service technician has been providing high quality equipment service for over 15 years for

Regulators, BCD's, Air Tanks, Dive Computers and more

Regulator and SCUBA Equipment Service

ScubaPro * Mares * Oceanic * Aqua Lung * OTS * Atomic * Hollis * Zeagle

Our scuba equipment technician is also a certified scuba diving instructor for over 19 years with over 15 years of technician experience. 

Air Tank Fill, Visualization and Hydro

Standard Compressed Air Fills (up to 3500psi) $7

High Pressure Fill (up to 4500psi) $12.50

SCBA Fill $12.50

Tank Visualization and Air Fill - $32

Tank Hydro, Visualization and Air Fill - $65 (2.5 week turnaround)

Fill Cards available for 3000psi and 4500psi

Computer & Transmitter Battery Change

Most computers and transmitters

(All oil filled computers must be sent out to the manufacturer for a battery change)

Prescription Masks

ScubaPro Zoom Mask and the Sea Dive Rayblockered HD

Pacific Ocean Sports are proud to support our local Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Emergency Services personnel with the ability to fill SCBA Life Support equipment. We also fill Air Soft, Paintball and Pellet gun tanks with compressed air only